We’ve streamlined our medical
catalog until further notice.
We are working diligently to maintain a high level of service and in an effort to adapt to our clients needs we are offering a reduced selection of essential goods. This allows us to streamline our operations and fill vital gaps in the supply chain for product needed most by frontline workers.

Protective Equipment

Disposable, N95 and various industrial respirators

Hygiene Products

Hand sanitizers, surface wipes and cleaning solutions

Paper Products

Consumable paper products and textiles

Laboratory Wares

Consumable bottles, vials and vessels

The advantages of
being a Big Sky partner.


Personalized Procurement

Our buyers will fulfill the needs of your organization through our network of trusted manufacturers.



Our trusted manufacturers are capable of producing large volumes even in times of increased demand.



Our team will negotiate the best value on your behalf, handling nearly all aspects of the transaction.



The health and satisfaction of our private and government clients and their employees is paramount.

We guarantee the security and ease of your transactions.

Trusted Manufacturers

Years of networking and development have earned Big Sky Supply a robust network of verified vendors.

Secure Payment Methods

Nearly all methods of payment are accepted, but our team will ensure your preferred choice is available.

Favourable Terms

Our buyers are capable of negotiating exceptional payment and fulfillment terms for your benefit.

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